25 Nov 2019

I am incredibly honored that The Chaffin Journal put forward my poem, "Chicken Learning," for a Pushcart Prize nomination. Thank you very much, Nancy Jensen, for this unexpected honor! 

27 Aug 2019

I'm pleased to note that 'World Series' has been printed in the most recent edition of The Chaffin Journal.

World Series

Julie Bolitho

There are times when I am lost in 1939

at the World Series

holding my breath

as the Yankees beat the Reds

the war just a glimmer of lens flar...

27 Aug 2019

I'm pleased to note that 'Chicken Learning' has been printed in the most recent edition of The Chaffin Journal.

Chicken Learning

Julie Bolitho

I am learning to sleep alone,

to lower the setting on the washing machine

for smaller loads of laundry,

to live with the ghosts of m...

11 Nov 2018

Really pleased that my poem, "Cashew Moon," is being featured on Remembered Arts Journal's weekly edition this week. Check it out here or read below.


Cashew Moon

The moon is a cashew tonight,

hanging low like the loose strand

of a mobile over a crib—

and driving the da...

29 Sep 2018

I wrote this poem quite a few years ago, and when I saw the call on Submittable for poems of peace, I thought of this. I'm pleased Inspirity published it in their Sowing Seeds of Peace, 2018 edition.


Dirt Prayer

I dip my hands

pick up the earth

and wash the dirt

over t...

1 Aug 2016

A spoken-word poem performed at the Catholic Chaplaincy in Oxford University.


by Julie Bolitho


I’m walking down St. Aldates with my fiancé.

It’s 8am and we’re passing a two litre smoothie jar between us –

something homemade with mango and banana.

Two men in u...

26 Feb 2015

First performed at the Catweazle Club in Oxford.

Heart Real Estate

Julie Bolitho

“You’re taking up too much real estate in my mind,” she said.

I overheard her say it,

and thought about the minefield of my own mind,

where there are no manicured lawns

and never any For sale sig...

12 Mar 2014


is painful

but quick


you know

you’ve signed up

been beaten


you’re enrolled


30 Jul 2013

Dena asks me,

“How do you cope with grief?”

and all I can think

of are the licked-clean

broken eggshells

scattered with pinecones

along the path

where I walk my dogs

and of the cacophony

I heard yesterday—

the flapping chaos

as I put the laundry out to dry

a mother bird cried

how w...

26 Jul 2012

I was so fortunate to work this summer with Michael Manteck, a singer-songwriter, just finishing his undergraduate degree at Oxford University. We collaborated to write the following song, which you can hear Michael singing. The lyrics are my own.

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