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17 May 2019

I'm happy to share my latest piece with Kripalu, written about the last days of my beloved Janie's life. 

21 Nov 2018

I'm really pleased to share my most recent piece with Elephant Journal--"A Lesson in Radical Forgiveness."The essay explores the difficult nature of forgiving those who harmed us, but how we only hurt ourselves when we remain unable to forgive. 

31 Aug 2018

I had the privilege of interviewing Aviva Romm, MD, for Kripalu, regarding her work and perspective on thyroid disease in women. It was wonderful to speak with a medic who so fluidly balances natural and western medical traditions, and who so aptly addresses the cultur...

9 Aug 2018

If you're reading this, you might already know that in addition to writing, I have a passion for yoga. While this is my writing website, I am still inclined to share news about a recent meditation I uploaded to the wonderful, free meditation app, Insight Timer. 


22 Jul 2018

Here is an article about the yoga of divorce--written about the end of my eight-year marriage.

28 May 2018

Please enjoy my latest offering at Kripalu, about my journey from cancer to yoga:

"Coming Home to my Body, in Sickness and in Health."

12 Apr 2018

I wrote an open letter to my male yoga clients, which Elephant Journal published. Please enjoy!


To my male clients:

Before beginning this letter, I feel obliged, given the current state of contemporary gender politics, to first note that this is not a letter of sard...

30 Mar 2018

I'm pleased to showcase my latest piece with Kripalu, which gave me the opportunity to interview the wonderful, Anne Novak.

The piece explores how hypnotherapy and yoga can help us remove mental blocks and physical pain. 

Both yoga and hypnotherapy have been instrumental...

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