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Musings on Writing, Teaching and Life 

12 Apr 2018

I wrote an open letter to my male yoga clients, which Elephant Journal published. Please enjoy!


To my male clients:

Before beginning this letter, I feel obliged, given the current state of contemporary gender politics, to first note that this is not a letter of sard...

9 Jul 2016

© Julie Bolitho. “Songs from the Heartscape: An Interview with Anoushka Shankar,” Cover story. Platform magazine. New Delhi, India: July 2016, pgs. 23-28.

19 Sep 2014

Within two months of marrying, my husband and I rescued a dog. This may not seem like a significant detail (with the exception that my husband was terrified of dogs having been repeatedly chased by a particularly cunning Jack Russell throughout his childhood in Swansea...

13 Aug 2013

When I was a child, I dreamed of killing my father—silencing his manic rages and saving the paintings on the wall from his large and defeating hands—the same hands that taught themselves to play piano by ear—playing me “Linus and Lucy” and Scott Joplin on request. Now...

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