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30 Mar 2018

I'm pleased to showcase my latest piece with Kripalu, which gave me the opportunity to interview the wonderful, Anne Novak.

The piece explores how hypnotherapy and yoga can help us remove mental blocks and physical pain. 

Both yoga and hypnotherapy have been instrumental...

9 Jul 2016

© Julie Bolitho. “Songs from the Heartscape: An Interview with Anoushka Shankar,” Cover story. Platform magazine. New Delhi, India: July 2016, pgs. 23-28.

6 Feb 2015

In 2005, in the days before I’d discovered veganism, I was an overweight university student eating typical processed foods and regularly putting on weight. Like so many, I had heard about various weight loss curatives and was desperate to try most of them. I wasn’t yet...

19 Sep 2014

Within two months of marrying, my husband and I rescued a dog. This may not seem like a significant detail (with the exception that my husband was terrified of dogs having been repeatedly chased by a particularly cunning Jack Russell throughout his childhood in Swansea...

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