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Freeing the Mind and Body: How Hypnotherapy and Yoga Help Us Release Old Patterns

I'm pleased to showcase my latest piece with Kripalu, which gave me the opportunity to interview the wonderful, Anne Novak. The piece explores how hypnotherapy and yoga can help us remove mental blocks and physical pain. Both yoga and hypnotherapy have been instrumental in my life this past year (and yoga for many years prior). I'm grateful to Troy Robins for his wonderful hypnotherapy skills, which undoubtedly allowed me to finish the first draft of my memoir this spring. Hope you enjoy!

How to Cope when the Perfect Teachings Come from Imperfect People

I'm so pleased that I've had a piece appear on Elephant Journal. Please click here to visit my article about how the sex scandals presently rocking Hollywood aren't so different than the sex scandals that have plagued the yoga community for decades--and my ideas about how we cope with these scandals.

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