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Please enjoy a selection of currently published essays on this page. 

17 May 2019

I'm happy to share my latest piece with Kripalu, written about the last days of my beloved Janie's life. 

21 Nov 2018

I'm really pleased to share my most recent piece with Elephant Journal--"A Lesson in Radical Forgiveness."The essay explores the difficult nature of forgiving those who harmed us, but how we only hurt ourselves when we remain unable to forgive. 

22 Jul 2018

Here is an article about the yoga of divorce--written about the end of my eight-year marriage.

12 Apr 2018

I wrote an open letter to my male yoga clients, which Elephant Journal published. Please enjoy!


To my male clients:

Before beginning this letter, I feel obliged, given the current state of contemporary gender politics, to first note that this is not a letter of sardonic wit, but is, in fact, a letter of genuine appreciation.

I recently met a brilliant female scholar at the University of Oxford, and through our conversation,...

1 Mar 2018

I'm so pleased that I've had a piece appear on Elephant Journal.

Please click here to visit my article about how the sex scandals presently rocking Hollywood aren't so different than the sex scandals that have plagued the yoga community for decades--and my ideas about how we cope with these scandals.

16 Jan 2018

I'm pleased to announce that Roanoke Review has published my essay, "Through Norway." You can take a look at it here.

1 Dec 2017

I'm grateful to Kripalu for not only being the home of my incredible yoga teacher training, but for recently taking me on as a freelancer. You can find my newest article with them here

13 Nov 2017

I'm pleased to showcase a piece I've written about my sweet Boston Terrier, Janie, and the ways in which Janie has been one of my greatest spiritual teachers. Check it out on Kripalu's website, here. 

2 Oct 2017

*This piece was written 2006,  during my final years of undergrad. It found a home with a youth-oriented journal many years later. 

           We trace circles and figures into the carpet while a dim overhead light falls on beige and our fingers disappear in their intrusions. Our shadows fall into the couch, and we maneuver around bleary light patterns. We are shape-makers, and we form letters, and sometimes words. I wonde...

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